New Year News at Bella Maison Tresors

I want to wish all of you a very Wonderful New Year for 2012!

A time for New Beginnings, Dreams, and Goals. I am working on so many things, I just wish they were finished so I could share them all with you today, but in time. One thing I am offering in the boutique is Free Shipping on most of the items. I have taken the shipping off of these items already and also marked certain items down by 30%-40% off, including these Shabby Cottage Chicken Wire Cloche items....

I'm also going to share the Distressed Turquoise Picture that so many of you liked on my facebook and pinterest accounts of the brick and door. I have used this for a blog background or other site backgrounds and it's always been a hit. If you want to use it for your blogger background you can just go into your template designer, click the little arrow on the side of the spot for your picture and upload it there. Follow me here for more great backgrounds and other pictures to come.I'm going to have some great giveaways too!

I will be sharing some pictures later this week of the Floating Home we bought a few months back from the Sausalito (San Francisco) Bay Floating Home HOA. What a project this is going to be, but I plan on designing it into my little piece of "Paris" Cottage so I'm getting excited. I will share some DIY and other design projects. Since it's ours and not a client's design project it will be a little different, but fun.

Speaking of the city, look how pretty it is this time of year with the thick fog clouds...and at sunset it's so crisp.

I will leave you with some beautiful Shabby and Elegant Pictures that I find inspirational in the season of winter....

Keep Spreading the Romance....

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  1. very nice pictures you have made, impressive!