Turquoise Blue Christmas.....Without You.....

I really wanted to go with the beautiful turquoise BLUE Christmas decorations this year, and I know I'm not the only one. It seems to be a favorite again this year.....but it looks like it's the same pink and silver mercury glass from the last four years. Belive me I'm grateful I have pretty decorations don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want things my way, ok all the time....HA! We are in the beginning stages of packing to move (still in San Fran Bay but a post for another day) and will actually be out of town for the Holidays.....so to keep it easy I'm keeping things the same. However, next year I am going to do something new for sure, and we will be in the new house so I'm just going to wait and do it my way next year. Maybe by next Christmas I will have a new favorite for a Holiday color scheme, but I love the elegance of Blue and white or blue and silver. There is something so majestic about ice blue and turquoise and I thought since I can't have it my way this year, (like how I added that again) I could at least post some of my favorite pictures of this Holiday favorite.

I really love these bright icy turquoise blues, you can have fun with adding other bright colors to them....

Then there is my favorite, the softer "Tiffany Blues"....and the nice thing is that if you decide to use this as part of your interior design then some of your holiday accessories can actually stay out all year and be used when you move on to a new holiday scheme....

some more romantic holiday blues and beautiful shabby cottage whites too....

I hope you enjoy this little photo shoot and come back for more posts on design, diy projects, and much much more as I begin to engage in a complete remodel of our San Francisco Bay floating home we just recently purchased. I will be giving it my own design touch of Romantic Shabby Chic meets Beach Cottage so I would love it if you follow along as I share pic's and details.
Have A Very Beautiful & Blessed Day!!!

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  1. I have never done blue for the holidays, but I do like it...maybe a small tree in a bedroom:) Tiffany would be the shade that I would go with.
    Thanks for coming by and the e-mail.