Romantic & Unique Christmas Decorating

We all like seeing the latest romantic holiday decor and we can't wait to do something different than the year before, something better, the "Real Conversation Pieces"........you see it and your on the phone texting and pinning a picture of it before you really even finished taking it all in.........like this antique hotel silver decorated tree, I love it!

Over the years many of us have moved on from our same old decorating routine and that can be tough for some because you only got comfortable with the last change....8 years ago.... If you are willing to try something different it will certainly open that door to having some of your own unique displays that everyone will remember and be talking about. One of the most unique displays of a Christmas Tree these days is the upside down tree. I love the display in the picture and makes a room so much more balanced if you have the room to do both, or do one smaller in a shabby cottage like bucket or a table top scene, and they don't have to be close to each other at all. I have to say I wasn't a fan of the upside down tree until this year, now I laugh because it was only a couple of years ago I thought it was a ridiculous display, but I had only seen a few and they just were not decorated to my liking and didn't catch my eye enough yet. Then I started thinking what kind of display I could do with both and just had to try it.

Things have certainly evolved and these days it's hard to pick just one color scheme or just one theme because there are so many different and Beautiful kinds of holiday decorations. I love all the romantic decorations that have sparkle, glitter, and lots of bling, the more the better I say, but I also love and adore the simple and rustic vintage designs like music sheets and rusty garlands. This is why I like to have at least two trees in the house during the holidays.

Whatever romantic decorations, colors, or schemes you go with, just know that anything you put your own style and unique qualities into is sure to impress. Go ahead and use bright colors, be different and let your creative side flow, don't think about things for too long because this is where alot of people get scared into doing the same old.......you would be surprised. I would love to see your favorite decoration or creation, so post a comment or email me, or feel free to ask a question. I'm going to go sit by the fire for a bit and enjoy the quiet now that everybody is fast asleep. Have a wonderful night.


Turquoise Blue Christmas.....Without You.....

I really wanted to go with the beautiful turquoise BLUE Christmas decorations this year, and I know I'm not the only one. It seems to be a favorite again this year.....but it looks like it's the same pink and silver mercury glass from the last four years. Belive me I'm grateful I have pretty decorations don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want things my way, ok all the time....HA! We are in the beginning stages of packing to move (still in San Fran Bay but a post for another day) and will actually be out of town for the Holidays.....so to keep it easy I'm keeping things the same. However, next year I am going to do something new for sure, and we will be in the new house so I'm just going to wait and do it my way next year. Maybe by next Christmas I will have a new favorite for a Holiday color scheme, but I love the elegance of Blue and white or blue and silver. There is something so majestic about ice blue and turquoise and I thought since I can't have it my way this year, (like how I added that again) I could at least post some of my favorite pictures of this Holiday favorite.

I really love these bright icy turquoise blues, you can have fun with adding other bright colors to them....

Then there is my favorite, the softer "Tiffany Blues"....and the nice thing is that if you decide to use this as part of your interior design then some of your holiday accessories can actually stay out all year and be used when you move on to a new holiday scheme....

some more romantic holiday blues and beautiful shabby cottage whites too....

I hope you enjoy this little photo shoot and come back for more posts on design, diy projects, and much much more as I begin to engage in a complete remodel of our San Francisco Bay floating home we just recently purchased. I will be giving it my own design touch of Romantic Shabby Chic meets Beach Cottage so I would love it if you follow along as I share pic's and details.
Have A Very Beautiful & Blessed Day!!!


Bella Maison Tresors Is Your French Country Cottage & Shabby Chic Style Interior Design and Events Specialist

Bella Maison Tresors started with small scale Wedding Design and making Design props for Photo Shoots, and other special events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Offering full scale Event Design & Coordination, I give a unique design to a variety of events and homes in the Bay Area and Northern California region. No event is too small for a classy and elegant look and I have done full scale weddings to a small birthday girl tea party. I specialize in Romantic French Interior Design,including the Shabby Chic look to the Elegant Hollywood Glam style and everything in between. I include my clients every step of the way and like to get their input so that pieces of their personality pop out in each design.
If you have questions regarding a special event or need help with your home or office design you can contact me at bellamaisontresors@yahoo.com.
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The Shabby Cottage Shops Christmas Spirit Has Something For Everybody!

It's so nice and makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you see Christmas Giveaways that actually give you a chance to win items that are Beautiful and items anybody would love to add to their home collections. This year Shabby Cottage Shops has a Christmas Tree Hunt where you can win one of 6 $25 Gift Certificates to spend at the Shabby Cottage Shops. You can enter and visit all of the fun by clicking on the link below and/or any of the Shabby Cottage Shops banners to the left to visit the different catagories.

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The Smell of Fall is here......

When October hits I'm usually only focused on the one Holiday on the last day of the month, which happens to also be my sister-in-laws birthday, and lots of parties and fun for our family. When October hits you can bet I'm running like crazy .......I'm usually baking, ordering costumes, attending lots of parties, and not even thinking one day ahead of Halloween, but not this year! I'm so ready for all of the chaos and already looking forward to Christmas. We have a big Family Reunion next month which I'm very excited about as well. For some reason it's strange this year, I've never been a person who has made a New Year Resolution but I'm guessing I'm feeling what a person feels when they make a very serious New Year's Resolution.......only it's October! With so much going on I have filled my calendar and inspiration board full for the next three months. What have I done?
I am also excited to have joined all the beautiful shops at Shabby Cottage Shops and am enjoying getting to know all of them. You can visit the shops by clicking on the link in the top left side bar. I have some new designs and projects to share and some new listings in the Boutique that I will be adding little by little as they are finished.
Please come by as often as you can, and don't forget about the SCS Christmas Giveaway where I'm giving a beautiful Paris Flea Market Find of which you can see by clicking on the Christmas Shoppe Page.
Have a "BELLA" Day!!!


Some of the New Romantics for Summer


In between many things this summer (kids out of school, 1 yr old, and more) lol....I've managed to find time to design some new Bird Cages for the Wedding Card Holders and Romantic Home Decor.......the Bella Home Designs!!!

More to come soon........


Love the NEST.....


It's that time of year when you see pictures of eggs and bunnies, although bunnies do not lay eggs, but we often don't picture the Hen or the mama birds much, just think about it for a minute........

My papa used to have a hen farm and every morning in the summer as a little girl of 5 and 6 I would help him collect eggs and feed them. I used to love throwing the seeds out for them and watch them run over and peck and pick as many as they could before Mr. Rooster came to rule the yard. Fun memories for sure.

I love birds and pictures of nests. In recent years my husband and I have seen some beautiful moments at the lake house with the Eagles and watching their nests. We love to go out on the boat and look for any new faces and nests around the lake every spring. It's amazing how they watch over the nest as the other is out on the hunt for food, after a while the female screams for her companion and he comes, Wow! Imagine that ladies.....lol..... We have some amazing pictures as we have watched them build, protect, teach their young, hunt, and mate over the years and I thought I would share a few of our private collection.........      

I really love Nests.........especially French Country Nests......

there isn't anything more calming to the soul than to have that special place that gives you peace, love, joy, solitude, and even more inspiration than you thought was possible......

in your everyday duties and quests as you nurture, grow, and protect it......it's the place you want to grow old, the place family always comes back to and never wants to leave.......

 It's Your NEST....... A Place Called Home!