Romantic & Unique Christmas Decorating

We all like seeing the latest romantic holiday decor and we can't wait to do something different than the year before, something better, the "Real Conversation Pieces"........you see it and your on the phone texting and pinning a picture of it before you really even finished taking it all in.........like this antique hotel silver decorated tree, I love it!

Over the years many of us have moved on from our same old decorating routine and that can be tough for some because you only got comfortable with the last change....8 years ago.... If you are willing to try something different it will certainly open that door to having some of your own unique displays that everyone will remember and be talking about. One of the most unique displays of a Christmas Tree these days is the upside down tree. I love the display in the picture and makes a room so much more balanced if you have the room to do both, or do one smaller in a shabby cottage like bucket or a table top scene, and they don't have to be close to each other at all. I have to say I wasn't a fan of the upside down tree until this year, now I laugh because it was only a couple of years ago I thought it was a ridiculous display, but I had only seen a few and they just were not decorated to my liking and didn't catch my eye enough yet. Then I started thinking what kind of display I could do with both and just had to try it.

Things have certainly evolved and these days it's hard to pick just one color scheme or just one theme because there are so many different and Beautiful kinds of holiday decorations. I love all the romantic decorations that have sparkle, glitter, and lots of bling, the more the better I say, but I also love and adore the simple and rustic vintage designs like music sheets and rusty garlands. This is why I like to have at least two trees in the house during the holidays.

Whatever romantic decorations, colors, or schemes you go with, just know that anything you put your own style and unique qualities into is sure to impress. Go ahead and use bright colors, be different and let your creative side flow, don't think about things for too long because this is where alot of people get scared into doing the same old.......you would be surprised. I would love to see your favorite decoration or creation, so post a comment or email me, or feel free to ask a question. I'm going to go sit by the fire for a bit and enjoy the quiet now that everybody is fast asleep. Have a wonderful night.

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