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Happy Friday to All!!!
I recently nearly spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my downloaded buttons and html codes were not working correctly and taking you to the page they were supposed to be. I kept trying to copy and paste codes under html when I found the buttons I liked but it wasn't working. I was under the impression you had to do it this way but with blogger having all this new template design and changing so much my template was not letting the codes interact with the buttons and links. I finally realized that if I went to picture under the gadgets instead of html and just simply copied a button icon that I had saved on my desktop or wherever all I had to do is paste the link and add the picture from my PC. How easy right? I figured it to be much more than this. I just wanted to share that I found some cute buttons for linkedin,fb,twitter, & more at a site called coolbutton.net and even though they do have the codes for html you can still hit enter to enlarge in new screen & save as to computer which is what I did. I copied all of my buttons from them.They have styles for everybody, hundreds of them. Above are a couple I found there.....
Hope this is helpful and you find a cute button for your social net's. Don't forget to let friends know of my giveaway, anybody that has a cricut machine that you may know. I'm going to try to have a giveaway every month so come back and check in often.
Spread the Romance!
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Giveaway Information

Yesterday I posted some information about a giveaway I'm having and said I would post pic's of the Tie The Knot Cartridge I will be giving away on the 1st day of March. All you have to do is leave a comment in yesterday's post to enter. Thank You So Much & Good Luck :)



I love reading all the wonderful Romantic Blogs people have and wonder where they find the time to make all the details look so beautiful, I actually opened a blog a long while back but then never did anything with it really. So I have made a commitment to stay dedicated to this and use it to get the word out on what designs I'm working on and get my business name out to more than just the San Fran Bay Area or Northern Cali! I really didn't think having a newborn, a husband, family, business, & etc. (because I know I'm leaving something out..lol) would keep me from working on my designs and marketing my business like it has and keeping a Blog maintained. So I have recently completed this whole body & spirit recharge, with finishing my classes (yeah) I had some time to take a "healthy cooking" & yoga type of week long retreat and it did wonders! I feel like I can conquer anything!
So with that, I had noticed some of the great Giveaways that these Romantic Bloggers were having and thought what a nice idea, it's fun, you can meet some wonderful and beautiful Bloggers/Friends, and giving gifts is something I love! I would like to have at least one every month. This month is almost over but oh well,  I'm going to be giving away a Brand New "Tie The Knot" Cricut Cartridge that you can use in all the Cricut machines. The going rate for this new one is between $28-50 on ebay. This one does invitations, cards, monograms, even favors, it's so FAB! I'm not a scrapbooker but I do like to make cards, invitations, shadow box misc. & stuff like that and this one is my favorite so far. I'll put a pic of the cartridge details & shapes up tomorrow, I promise :) Please let all the Romantic Blogs & Sites you know to come visit the newbie on the Blog within the next two weeks...(by the last day of Feb) & leave a comment under this post to enter.
Thank You So Very Much, Chow for now,



As I'm getting back from a great tour of inspiration, as in design shows, and a fab home & garden show, I'm working on some new designs of my own. I was going through some pic's and thought I would share.....
These stair spindles I repurposed into candle holders by adding some crystal Bobeches along with french crystals and Viola!!! Fun Project!

The Pretty Candles above I actually made, they are soy 2 wick candles and I make them along with Palm wax pillar candles. Hopefully I will be able to list some soon! I use only natural materials and have a large variety of essential oils and fragrance oils. I love to repurpose vintage candle holders for all my candles I create. I also love bird nests and my favorite new color is the Robin Egg Blue! I love this Color! I will post some more pic's as soon as I can with more repurposed items and fabulous romantic finds. Spread The Romance....                                                           


Shabby Bird Cages for Weddings and More.....

I just finished my Romantic Shabby Chic Bird Cages... they are popular with Brides who use them as Wedding Card Holders, and some of my customers are using them with a candle or two then hanging above a French Vignette or out on a porch for a Romantic feel.....I use the French Glass Crystals or pearl beading and other beautiful misc. add some distressed seam binding or French Stamped Ribbon with German Glass Glitter for sparkle.....

You can view the Birdcages and my other listings by clicking my Etsy store above......

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party

Kaitlin had a wonderful party and it was alot of fun for all of us Adults too! :) Thought I would post some of the pic's of her special day...

 Everybody loved the Minnie ears!!! I make the Minnie & Mickey banners customized by name and the Birthday Hats & Favor Ears.....We made Minnie & Mickey Ears out of headbands for all the kids to wear, & even some of the Adults had fun with them....I had a tub of Minnie and Mickey Lollipops on the table and lots of pink candies in my apothecary jars all over for added fun and color....
                                  Kaitlin had her own Minnie cake to get elbow deep and play with....
We just threw our daughter Kaitlin Nicole her 1st Birthday and since she is a BIG fan of Minnie Mouse, that just had to be her theme. I made the banner and cupcake toppers, along with her birthday hat and everything else. I had my friend who makes beautiful tutu dresses, make her a multi-pink one with the polka dot ribbon and it turned out so beautiful! There are many that make these tutu's but Tiara makes them fast, full, and the most beautiful, she will even customize.