As I'm getting back from a great tour of inspiration, as in design shows, and a fab home & garden show, I'm working on some new designs of my own. I was going through some pic's and thought I would share.....
These stair spindles I repurposed into candle holders by adding some crystal Bobeches along with french crystals and Viola!!! Fun Project!

The Pretty Candles above I actually made, they are soy 2 wick candles and I make them along with Palm wax pillar candles. Hopefully I will be able to list some soon! I use only natural materials and have a large variety of essential oils and fragrance oils. I love to repurpose vintage candle holders for all my candles I create. I also love bird nests and my favorite new color is the Robin Egg Blue! I love this Color! I will post some more pic's as soon as I can with more repurposed items and fabulous romantic finds. Spread The Romance....                                                           

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  1. Hi! Found you on Twitter (thanks for following me)!
    I love the candle holders with the crystals...very clever and beautiful!
    Have a fabulous day,
    P.S. STop by my blog and enter my giveaway if you are so inclined :)