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Happy Friday to All!!!
I recently nearly spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my downloaded buttons and html codes were not working correctly and taking you to the page they were supposed to be. I kept trying to copy and paste codes under html when I found the buttons I liked but it wasn't working. I was under the impression you had to do it this way but with blogger having all this new template design and changing so much my template was not letting the codes interact with the buttons and links. I finally realized that if I went to picture under the gadgets instead of html and just simply copied a button icon that I had saved on my desktop or wherever all I had to do is paste the link and add the picture from my PC. How easy right? I figured it to be much more than this. I just wanted to share that I found some cute buttons for linkedin,fb,twitter, & more at a site called coolbutton.net and even though they do have the codes for html you can still hit enter to enlarge in new screen & save as to computer which is what I did. I copied all of my buttons from them.They have styles for everybody, hundreds of them. Above are a couple I found there.....
Hope this is helpful and you find a cute button for your social net's. Don't forget to let friends know of my giveaway, anybody that has a cricut machine that you may know. I'm going to try to have a giveaway every month so come back and check in often.
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Have a Wonderful Weekend,

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