New Goodies in the design studio.....

Here are some new things, just thought I would share. For now they have to be bought on my Etsy site but I'm in the process of getting the website up and running so that I can provide a store this way! Can't Wait.....These things take time, and I didn't realize how much of it :)




  1. Pretty goods, I'll have to take a look at your store when I finish loading goods to mine today. I know, a website is a ton of work, I wish you lots of luck/bonne chance!

    I love the way your blog is coming along, looking so pretty.

  2. Hi, such pretty things! I love the new bottles. I found you on facebook, so glad I did. Wishing you all the best on your website. Can't wait to see it, love your blog colors and it looks fabulous. We're following you and invite you to come follow us!