Bella Maison Tresors Website Is Your Online Boutique

The official website for my boutique "Bella Maison Tresors" is open and ready for ordering. This makes it so nice for one stop shopping and will also have both my handmade items and all the flea market finds, antiques, and reproductions that I find and repurpose or design with some "shabby chic" appeal....will all be on the website. You will be able to order my Shabby Chic Cottage Paris Bunting & Custom Bunting here as well.
I will still be posting the DIY projects, pictures, and posts here so you all know what I'm up to. We are also moving to the new place, still in SF but we will be on the outskirt of the Bay, so I have been crazy busy with packing and getting rid of "stuff".......you all know that stuff we aquire after owning a home for so long......my husband has more stuff than anyone would ever know what to do with! Seriously..........he is worse than I am. So now we pay the price of having to go through all of it and at the moment there are 3 "piles", first we have the keep pile, then the donate pile, and then the pile of stuff we want to keep but we know it will continue to sit so we will be posting it on ebay or something........ebay is great but neither one of us have the time to sit and write descriptions, take pic's, and post all of it because it would take a whole week or two of doing nothing but just that. This is when one of those stores "we sell your stuff on ebay" would be so helpful around here but they are not around like they used to be over here years ago when ebay started out. Although ebay is only about 40 mins away, it doesn't help us any, boy do I wish we could load it up and take it over there.....lol......It does feel good going through all of it,and I know there are so many people that can use the donation pile of clothing.....I found stuff like jackets with tags on them, kids warm winter coats that they wore maybe once or twice to the snow........in this economy it makes me realize how much we used to spend and I will never let things get that way again......for sure! So needless to say, it's an early Spring Cleaning for us! I am also excited about getting my work studio set up from a bare room to a working studio.....it feels good to do this once in a while because you also find things you forgot about here too. So I am organizing things a little different than they were to make sure everything gets used and it will all be placed where I can see it, instead of boxes.......maybe some clear containers but no boxes because "out of sight, out of mind" right?..... I hope you all will follow me here and visit the new site and also send your friends over to look. Don't forget I list new things every week to replenish, and you will always find something new. I look forward to hearing from you and posting some pic's of the makeover we gave the place. Another Giveaway!!! For the Month of Feb I'm feeling the love, so I am offering this FREE MINNIE MOUSE BIRTHDAY BANNER! Unless you have the need for the letters KAITLIN you can take those off of course...
All you have to do is follow my blog here and make sure to leave a comment so I can have my friend Sabrina randomly select a winner out of the names in comments. I will contact the winner on February 28th. Thanks for entering, Good Luck, & Have a "BELLA" day!!! You can visit the new website here: Bella Maison Tresors www.bellamaisontresors.com

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