The Move is Over, & New Items in the Shop!

If you have been following me you know we have been doing this big move after 14 years of owning the Lake House......well it's over or should I say almost because I still need to do a big trip this weekend and go get my plants and a few misc items. No way am I leaving my plants and pots that I have had forever and the funny thing is that when we had our big moving sale of which we sold some big bedroom sets, the pool table and things like that, everybody asked if they could buy my plants/pots from me. At first I was shocked by how many people asked, but then I realized that I do have some pretty pots that I painted and some great ceramic sculptured ones that I made to look vintage by distressing and etc. So needless to say I wouldn't sell them and now I have to go move them......all of them......uuuggggghhhh! I am happy that it's coming to an end since week, after week it's been one trip after another. We donated a U-Haul truck full of stuff to our church at Lake Tulloch, and it was good to help out the many charities they will give to. It was alot, I really couldn't believe it was a U-Haul truck full, but we don't need it.......I have learned so much and I may have said this before but if I haven't used it or forgot I had it for more than a year or two then there isn't a need for it and I don't "need" it. At first I thought sizing down would be so hard but it wasn't, it feels good. On another note I just listed some new things in the shop that I created and I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to post more. I'm doing customized banners and bunting garlands which you will find on the website. For those of you that have not visited the new website it's www.bellamaisontresors.com and you will find many shabby chic cottage style bunting banners for home decor, special events, weddings, and you can also order customized lettering in any of my styles listed there. Here is one of the many bunting banners, this one is in the 5 x 7 vintage music sheet design......and they are only $15 with shipping!!!
You will also find handmade roses and some pretty little cottage cardstock signs, doorhangers, and other romantic shabby chic cottage decor. Please follow my blog here for some great ideas and projects coming soon...... Have a BELLA Day!

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