Romantic Paris Signs in Vintage German Glass Glitter

I've been busy this week making more of my signs in the Vintage German Glass Glitter, most of them in silver but some in color now. I really love the silver ones, our oldest Daughter Kennedy loves the Pink Glass Glitter, me........not so sure about pink, but that's just me. I have been doing Paris Phrase and some English signs as well. I love Everything Paris so I have really been enjoying this. They turned out much better and so Beautiful in this batch. Bigger than the last, these signs Avg in size of 20" in length and 8" tall at first Capital letter and then the other letters coordinate after. I use French Ribbon or crinkled Seam Binding to hang by, which can be adjusted to hang at any length you need. I love how the Vintage German Glass Glitter sparkles, and over time it aquires an aged look but is even more sparkly and Beautiful..........the sparkle this glitter sets off is so Beautiful, it's like looking at Diamonds.........which I LOVE TOO, who doesn't right......... 

My Romantic Paris Signs are for sale for $20 each. I am doing custom orders, however for something other than what i already make, there is a 2 week turnaround from placing order to shipment right now. I have had so many orders this last month and I also am an Event & Interior Designer and have been booked solid with Weddings so as long as you give me 2 weeks NO PROBLEMO. Things will calm down during Fall & Winter months. I can't believe I'm doing all this with a new 6 month old too, Thank Goodness she is such a Wonderful Baby, I can't believe how good she is. It must be that she is so content and always happy because she is the last, I thought it was the other way around??? Oh Well, I'm Happy, We are all Happy!

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