I'm Back

OK, After having quite a full year so far, I'm back now. Our Baby Girl delivered by Emergency C-Section January 19th, but all is Wonderful now and she's perfect....so perfect! It's been a busy Wedding Season this year so I've been quite busy making all the Busy Bee Brides Happy. Good thing so many actually waited until after so called "Spring" this year. It went From one extreme to another, where I live one day it was 60 outside and we had thunderstorms that night and literally the next day we were looking at a jump to 85 so it felt like it was 100!. My Tulips and Ranunculus were limp after just 2 weeks!....but my question, What happened to Spring? That's it, that's all we get. I'm not complaining at all, trust me, I love all the seasons but Summer is my favorite because it's full of activities for us!

On a different note, I've started with some new designs in my etsy store this year so we will see how it goes. I am thinking of getting a regular website, possibly thru Shabby Lane Shops, not sure yet but I really have been putting thought into advertising in Romantic Country or Romantic Homes, my two fav's. I love Chez Fifi, just adore her!!! I have copies of the magazine literally in every room of the house for easy access to pick up and read.

I'm off and running again....until next time......Have a Brilliant Day!

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